Thursday, May 3, 2012

Random Thoughts... & A Little Writers Block... Or Is It Writers Blegh?!

Heya! Sorry for not posting much... I haven't been inspired to write. I think it's the blegh sinus infection I've been fighting?! Anyway.... just wanted to share some randomness with y'all!

Ok, first of all - we all need to go out and buy THIS BOOK about the "new" New Orleans Style. The designer I work for totally fits into this "new" designer category here in New Orleans and I love it! I say out with the stuffy old antiques and silk curtains puddling to the floor everywhere! (now don't get me wrong, i do love me some silk - you can't take the New Orleans completely outta the girl!)

You can read a nice summary and look at more pretty pictures from the book HERE.

ANOTHER thing... Please click this LINK HERE and tell me your thoughts... I can't tell if I love it or I hate it!? Oh and make sure to expand the images so they're nice and big on your screen!

Here's just a taste:

I'm really wondering your thoughts on the kitchen... I love the idea of it - not necessarily what they did though. I bet it looks pretty kick ass in person though! Oh and in case you wanna buy it, click HERE - it's in the French Quarter & can be yours for a cool 1.2 million! Yeeaaahhhhh!

Let me know what you think!!

P.S. - Sorry for all the links to other pages today! But I had to share some things!! :)

P.P.S. - Boo's goin' to JAZZ FEST TOMORROW!! I'll snap some pics of all my favorite foods we get - yeah, I go to EAT!


Elizabeth said...

I am a little scared to see what they consider as "new New Orleans" interiors but I am going to the book party at Jon Vaccari next Thursday - are you guys?
xoxo -e (modern24seven)

Melissa Crochet said...

First of all I love the book and can't wait for it to be delivered. Second that kitchen is "uber cra cra" and I think you should do it! I could cook some amazing shiz in that room!

Katheirne @Antweak said...

#1 can't wait for the book.

#2 the house on esplanade:

there are certain elements I really like, and I like the idea of where they are going (the red lacquered dining room walls, some of the colors, etc., large funky art pieces)...but they took it a bit too far for my taste.
a) what is the deal with whatever is painted on the foyer base molding? a little much for me. Call me a traditionalist, but I'll take my moldings uni-colored without dancing men on them (or whatever they are).

b) I love a good mural on a wall here and there, but seriously, every g-dammed wall? every kitchen cabinet? I think it would get old quick. but, some cool things to be inspired by I guess. I love that courtyard and little pool...heaven!

PS: Eliz I'll go to the signing with ya!

xomumblebutt said...

833 esplanade avenue - owned/designed by a real world house alum? good for a party house and/or if you have multiple houses and don't have to live in that.

i've always said i want multiple houses and decorate one super tacky, must get in touch with mortgage loan officer...