Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Crazy Quarter Grotto...

With the weather down here being PERFECT, the other day my mom and I decided to bike around the French Quarter and check out a church's grotto she had noticed a while back. It was cool and kinda crazy! It's at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church on the skirt of the French Quarter.

Below is the little cave like entrance into the Grotto. 

It's very cool on the inside - candles everywhere and plaques giving thanks to St. Jude cover the walls.

Mary... with a beam of light behind!

I know this is a religious altar but I'm always in design mode and was enjoying the Grotto for all of its awesome design elements a little more than the religiousness of it. Like below with the Thank You plaques... I loved the composition and the varying grey and white colors.

The masses held at the church... I wonder what the "special healing service" entails!? 

If you're a local you should definitely go check out this Grotto! 


Melissa Crochet said...

You are killing me! This right here makes me home sick and I'm ready to hightail it to that healing service. Please keep posting pics like this. You are the luckiest girl in the world to have access to this kind of awesomeness.

katherine said...

I love this church! I've gone to light plenty of novenas here when necessary. We all need healing sista!

xomumblebutt said...

where this at?