Thursday, April 12, 2012

Awesome Art Exhibit!! (Thornton Dial Totally Copied Me)

Hello all!! Sorry for no posts... suffering through a stomach bug and working a lot! :( Do you other bloggers find it difficult to want to write when you're under the weather?!

ANYHOOT back to the post!

There is an AMAZINGLY AWESOME art exhibit going on at the New Orleans Museum of Art right now that you must check out if you're a local! It's an extensive exhibit of the work of Thornton Dial. He does a lot of mixed media and sculpture. 

He uses a lot of dolls and toys in his pieces - which would lead you to think they are playful and fun but they are actually very intense and moving. Here's a more thorough description:

Below is a sample of his work:

Now, when I say Thornton Dial uses mixed media - I think he may use more "ingredients" than any other artist I've seen! Check out the list below that's in one of the pieces!

What?! What?! A desiccated GOAT, RAT and TURKEY are up in the art!? Love it. 

Here's some more:

The above picture is kinda fuzzy but it's HUGE and it's filled with.... wait for it.... BARBIES!!! 

Her skirt above is made from metal.

Now for all you faithful blog followers - does this one kind of remind you of the wacky art I made!? Shall we bring you back to  Barbarella Barbie?!

It's almost like my space Barbies were landing to save their sisters from the New Orleans Museum of Art!? (sorry if you don't get my sense of humor) That is kinda weird though right?! 

It's giving me some inspiration with the rest of my gang that's for sure!

Seriously though - go check out the exhibit! It's really cool. 


The Gimlet Eye said...

I need to check it out. LOVE TD.

Katherine @ Antweak said...

um yes...he tots copied barbazella barbie! you know I love it it! will have to go check it out!!!!
PS: please lucite table come my way....
i'm clicking my heels...