Thursday, April 19, 2012

Bye Bye Wires...

OK, remember how much I HATE wires?! Well, I was delighted to discover that all but ONE of the wires I despised for the TV aren't actually for the TV! They are all for the surround sound!? (which is no longer hooked up to the TV, we mainly use it for radio and streaming music)

Please ignore the dust. But just look at all these wires!? WTF?! ALL this for one surround sound system!??!

So all this madness is tucked away to the side of the sofa...

Ignore the rubber duckie... I have no clue how that got in this pic?!

So now all those nasty little guys are hiding out by the wall -

And the TV has been moved to the other wall (are you surprised I yet again moved around furniture?!)  I decided to put the TV on this hand me down crap little book shelf and in a pyscho crazy fit I very half ass-edly DIYed a staple gunned skirted white fabric to it! 

The scale is totally wrong for the TV but this whole project was free and looks so much better than it was! BONUS I get extra storage hidden by that fabric! :) 

AND I just so happened to have just enough fabric to continue on in my psycho I have a staple gun and I like to use it mode and tackled this chair:

It's a funky reproduction but I bought it for like $20 with the intent of it being a reupholstering project for me - I've never upholstered a chair so thought this was a good starter!

And here she is!

It's definitely not perfect and that pillow is hiding a booboo! BUT I definitely understand how to upholster it now and will re-do it once I find a great fabric. It was much easier than I thought! And good old trim will cover the staples! 

OK, that's it for projects this week... I think....  ;)

Anyone else out there tackling big or small home projects?! Does it ever end!!??

** Update! Ikea must of been reading my mind about Tvs and their wires... CLICK HERE**


Melissa Crochet said...

Love the chair and, I know this is weird, but I'm obsessed with your refrigerator! Post pics of your kitchen!

Katherine @ Antweak said...

chair is lookin' good! will you teach me how to reuphoster? pleeeezzz...