Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Things that drive me crazy...

Now let me start this post by proclaiming my love for my little Creole Cottage here BUT I must say, there are some things that drive me CRAZAY! 

I'm keepin' it real today and sharing with y'all some things around here that drive me bonkers!! Granted, some of it is my own disorganized messy self, while other annoyances are here to stay until I win the lottery and get to knock out walls, re-do the kitchen, etc... hell who am I kidding - my ass is outta here if I win the lotto! 

Annoyance #1:

FIVE yes FIVE entries into our living room/foyer:

Yeah, crap camera phone pic but I'm too disgruntled to find the real camera and upload nicer pics! 

This room is such a pain in my ass. And no, it's not clean, or styled for a "photoshoot" - that's not what today is about!! Now, I challenge all you designers out there to make a great room out of this!! It's impossible with all the doorways. AND this will become a dining room so I'm on a spending freeze as far as anything new coming in. 

Annoyance #2:

TV WIRES & CABLES!!! Uggghhhhhh

I hate wires and cables.... can't technology make everything wireless now!? We don't have cable so we stream things from our laptops to the TV so some of those wires have to stay.... my friend told me about some wireless system you can connect to your sound system though so I'm going to look into that. 

Also, the table the TV is on is temporary. I'm waiting on a piece from work that the TV will soon reside on! 

Annoyance #3:

Weird back room that's a HOT MESS!!

oooohh yeah... I'm sharing all my dirty secrets today!!

Remember when it looked like this!?

Ahhhhhh not anymore!! We never used the dining room back there so we moved the table & chairs into the living room. This back room will soon become an art studio/guest bedroom. That's a whole other post in itself though! 

So there ya have it. Boo's annoyances for the day!! Now I get to start cleaning that little room! I think I mainly have to PURGE a lot of crap we don't use anymore. Bleeeghhhhh....

What about y'all!? Do you have annoyances with your house!? I'm sure ya do! Let's hear them!!


Elizabeth said...

Hey girl - well if you can't close in any of those entries right now I think you should paint door #5 a bright yellow/chartreuse. You will soon have a piece for the tv so that will cover the wires...lookin' good!
-e (modern24seven)

Katherine @ Antweak said...

ok, first of all, the cable tv wires can suck it...they are never a welcome element, until you need to watch Mad Men or something! Of course, if you have a cabinet coming you won't have to worry about it soon!

Deep breath and focus on all the things that you have going on in this room...that cow hide rug, the sunburst mirror (awesome), that incredible painting facing the front door, your indian bust (i know you heart)...a lot! There are some fab pieces in here, you are putting your stamp on it, and it looks awesome!!! While I love it, I also empathize with you --these old houses all have their quirks and design challenges, but that's the price we pay for their charm!!

AlannaB said...

Been following your blog because I live in Bywater too. I feel you on the doors. I have a double shotgun, not a Creole cottage, so my thing I have to decorate around is my EIGHT fireplaces, one in each room. I have no walls that don't have a door, fireplace, or window in them. Runner-ups: no closets in any rooms (except two built-ins in our laundry room), and I also have a WTF room which will be a future master bathroom but now holds paint and extra furniture.

Boo Hazard said...

@Alanna - I'm excited you're a neighborhood reader!! I can't believe you have 8 fireplaces to work with!! Yeah, I love these old houses and I just come to grips with the fact that my home will never look like certain homes in magazines. But I also have beautiful architectural details, high ceilings, etc. that a lot of people don't have - so we have to think about the positives!! (we don't have closets either - we put in one and put in another under the stairs)

And thanks for the words of encouragement! I think I came up with a solution... just don't have the $$ - isn't that always the problem!?