Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hurricane Isaac is knocking on my door!!

Well, in case you haven't heard - Hurricane Isaac is en route to hit us folks here in New Orleans probably late this evening. It's The Hubs' first ever hurricane and I haven't been through one in maybe 13 years?! We decided to stay and wait out the storm and of course all our favorite neighbors are here with us! :)

The weather still hasn't really turned for the worse so here's a couple of pics of what we've been up to last night and today!

Oh you know we had to be obnoxious locals and go get a hurricane before the hurricane! ;) 

And we are ready for the storm as far as cuisine & reading materials go...

Hot Cheetos & Takis...

And we took in some wonderful only in New Orleans (Bywater) sights...

Our adorable neighbor, Clio in front of the perfect backdrop! 

Love the creativity of this "boarded up" house!

Can you read the quote above the little old lady above?! It says "Y'all want some turds? For FREE!"  


SO that's what's going on here in Bywater, NOLA while we ride out this storm. Tonight shall be board games and dinner party....

Be safe my NOLA people!