Monday, August 13, 2012

Something is happening to my taste buds....

If you read this blog, I'm assuming you are a fellow design addict. Does your taste evolve every couple of years or are you consistent with your taste? I am definitely shifting towards a more minimal look. I look around my house and wonder - what is all this stuff?! That feeling was reinforced when I opened this months Architectural Digest and drooled over Kelly Kleins new home in Florida.

The good old saying "less is more" is exactly how this home was designed. It goes to show you, save your money, buy what you truly love and it will look amazing. Notice that floating bench behind her shoulder - love that! And the pillows underneath for extra seating. 

Talk about open indoor/outdoor living!! LOOOOVE!

Stunning kitchen!

 I like that the house is not a huge McMansion - it's only 3,000 square feet.  (which, yes is big but not obnoxiously huge) 

It reminds me of a Neutra or Mies Van Der Rohe design. 

When I was in college at NYSID I had THE BEST professor for one of my architecture classes - the whole semester was spent analyzing your pick of any Mid-Century Architect and studying all the greats in general. My love was Mies Van Der Rohe & his Villa Savoye. We then had a final project to design a studio space for an artist/designer in the style of our architect we studied. (Betsey Johnson's lounge/studio was mine! It was so fun to do, I'll have to see if I can dig up the drawings...) 

Anyhoot, just wanted to share this minimal, other half of my design love! However, being a New Orleans girl, you know I still love me some crown moulding, silk drapes, bohemia... etc. Now I'm off to  clean this cluttered house and get rid of stuff!!!


Melissa Crochet @ The Insane Domain said...

I appreciate the minimal but I have to say, I need to be surrounded by stuff, layers, and some substantial crown molding.

Elizabeth said...

I am def a minimalist and her house is my dream. However, when you have only 500 square feet everything looks cluttered no matter what you do! I am also paring down so hopefully I will have a larger space one day that will look like this!
xoxo -e (modern24seven)

Katherine @Antweak said...

I crave the minimal look, but I find it near impossible, esp. with a 5 year old. However, if I had a huge home, you betcha there would be some serious serene spaces.
I am in deep infatuation with that pool by the way....if only i had that now!