Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Blanche's Boudoir Redo!

OK, I'm totally reposting this from my work blog but I was cracking myself up with it so here ya go!

A little known fact about the Shaun Smith Team - we are all OBSESSED with The Golden Girls. We quote them, we discuss their fashion sense and of course we engage in never ending conversations about their decor! 

So after one too many slices of cheesecake last night while lounging on our Lanai, we decided to redecorate Blanche's Boudoir. Let's face it - she's the most fabulous of them all! 

Below is what we would do: 
(everything is available through Shaun Smith Home - of course!)

We think it would look FAB! What do you think!?

We thank y'all for being our friends! 


Shaun, Betsey & Blanche

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Elizabeth said...

ha! y'all are hilarious - I love all of it and hope someone hires you to do the exact bedroom!
xoxo -e (modern24seven)

Chateau À Gogo said...

Love the wallpaper of course and I really need that tassel lamp. Great post - Brandy

Chateau À Gogo said...

And fyi, I did a post on Martinique wallpaper today and mentioned your post with a link - Brandy

Anonymous said...

I dined with Blanche last evening in your neighborhood- Desire Street and she commented how handy those mirrors on the bed are. She loves her new decor! And I too love that tassel lamp.