Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Ever Evolving Bedroom...

Our Bedroom is kinda coming together!

My mom was getting rid of some white lacquered nightstands so of course I took those off her hands :)  I'm loving how light & airy the bedroom is feeling!

I actually like the funky shutters exposed like this. It let's in a lot of light and I'm not committing to window treatments just yet since this is our temporary bedroom.

There is still quite a lot to be done but it's looking SO much better these days. I scored these Thomas O'Brien sheets from Target - 50% off! I luvs them! I felt like I was sleeping in men's pajamas last night!

Even our little Wootie got a new bed thanks to Target. This is the best looking dog bed I've seen. And it fits oh so snuggly under our new nightstands.

But just look at this tragedy... my poor bed making skills mixed with the fact that we have yet to buy a King comforter/coverlet just makes this look awful! 

Things coming in:

-Those huge 27 x 27 pillow inserts will soon be in a very light grey linen. 
- New bedside lamps
- new king sized pillows
- a new king coverlet

And that's all I need for now! Slowly.... yet surely this house is coming together.

How about y'all out there?! Is your master bedroom finished? Of course nothing in our house is every fully finished... ;)

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Melissa Crochet @ The Insane Domain said...

Those tables are amazing! The rest will come together in no time.