Friday, January 11, 2013

Sconce debate... Wild, Tacky, Crazy? or Safe, Simple, Chrome?

Hiya! The bathroom sconce debate continues... what made matters worse is I found some pretty tacky Blackamoor reproduction sconces while shopping with Bossman for client projects. Oops! I have a habit of shopping for myself while with him shopping for the store & clients ;)

Anyhoot... some of you may not be familiar with the Blackamoor style. Here's a little info for ya:

Blackamoor is an old art style started in Italy. There was a resurgence of Blackamoors in chalk-ware in America during the 40s. These chalk-ware statues were usually in pairs as lamps of side-table statues for your bedroom or living room end-tables. Blackamoors can have controversial connotations because they are sometimes depicted in subservient or racially insensitive characterizations. However, more flattering images are also depicted in jewelry that are encrusted with exotic gems like diamonds, emeralds, rubies & enamels.

My camera phone wasn't working when I laid eyes on these tacky things so here's some google images to get your imagination going...

The ones I found look like a cross between maybe the one above and the ones below...

These are fun too.

And these guys above and below, I'm OBSESSED with!!! Too bad they run over 9 thousand dollars!! WTF!!?! (for you locals - don't they look like little king cake babies!?)

And this is where they'll be going:

OR do I go the safe route and do the standard, modern chrome sconce? 

Complete OPPOSITES right!?

I am crazayyyy!

We had these left over from a work project, so I could get these babies at cost. BUT the Blackamoor sconces aren't that expensive either... 

I would have to get a super modern, slick mirror if I went the Blackamoor route... and if I went with the chrome guys I could probably keep the gilded over the top mirror we currently have. 

And, come on people, tell me truthfully - are the Blackamoors kinda racist?? I don't think so but I wouldn't want to offend anyone! And right after I fell in love with them, we saw Django and the movie is filled with Blackamoors in plantation homes with the little guys holding COTTON!! Then I thought... uhhhohhhhh.... this may not be kosher to put these up! 

So.... to make a long post short... I think I may have to go with the chrome guys. Right?! 

Tell me your thoughts. 

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Melissa Crochet @ The Insane Domain said...

I would go with the Blackamoor all day long! No chrome sconces!!!