Monday, January 14, 2013

Finally putting good use to our library ladders! (and don't judge me!)

Hello! First - the sconce debate continues... my dad poopooed my chrome choice because there isn't a "chamber" behind the light for the wires to go - something about the box in the wall isn't deep because of the plaster, lathe, etc. Whatevs.... I'm at the point of just getting something cheap cheap until I find something I love.

Aaaand now onto my plans for our closet - and don't judge me on how messy our dressing room is! I call it a dressing room because it's literally a room in our house. 12' x 12'. Which is ridiculous and drives me crazy that that much square footage is a closet! 

Here's what it looks like this morning:

remember - no judging!

I'm just showing you the side where the fireplace is. My clothes are to the left, hubs to the right.

SO what we're going to do is get my brother to build in some floating shelves. Like 3" thick and then finally use our library ladders (we found in our attic) so we can access everything easy. With 12' ceilings we can have a lot of possible storage on that wall but can't access any of it at the moment! And leave a big open space still so the hanging clothes still fit. But get some nice baskets to store the stuff that doesn't need to be hung. 

The goal is to get almost everything condensed to that one wall - then we can actually use the room! 

Below are some inspiration pics of how I'd like the shelves to look:

This room below is about the size of our room and I'd love to have something like a sitting room in there!

photos from my pinterest page

Goal for this project is to complete it within a month. Let's see if that happens!! You hear that Big Bro!? Get yo ass over here and build my shelves!!!


Chateau À Gogo said...

I love the idea. Tell your brother to knock it into 5th gear! On a side note, I notice you have Panton chairs around your table. Are they real or knockoff? Do you like them? I'm debating them for my dining room. - Brandy

Boo Hazard said...

Good eye Brandy!! Yes, we have the knock off Panton chairs. I love them and they are comfortable. My mom has the real ones and there's definitely a difference in quality & design. her's feel much thicker and stable if that makes sense. and you don't see the ridges on the underside on hers.Mine are hundreds of dollars cheaper but if I had the $$ I would buy the real ones. -Boo