Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Bathroom Reveal!!

Our bathroom is FINALLY finished!! It only took about 10 weeks but I'm oh so happy it's DONE! And we are renting our house for the Super Bowl now to help pay for some of this monster bath reno - so I'm CLEANING like a crazy lady!! 

Anyway - here's our new and improved bathroom!

My favorite thing about the bathroom - the custom sink from an antique dresser with marble top. I LOVE the way it came out but lemme tell ya - it's kinda expensive to get something like this made but I was happy we went with something original over the standard pedestal sink route and have no regrets spending a little more to get this show stopper! Not to mention the storage it provides! 

I even finally got the sconces up!! Now I know what you're thinking - where the F did those random sconces come from!? Aaahhhh well... since I had to have sconces with a deep chamber for wires to hang out (don't ask, it's something like that bc our house is so old the wires couldn't go into the wall) so I ran to Lowes to find anything that would work and be cheap so when I found my dream sconces I could switch them out.

So my ass scooped up the hideous $5.99 antiqued brass with frosted glass sconces!! Woot! Woot! but of course did not use the frosted glass part and bought these awesome Edison bulbs which I think totally updates these funky guys. I actually don't mind them at all! and for $15 a sconce how could you go wrong!? Yes, the bulbs cost more than the sconce ;)

I'm loving the contrast of the gilded, ornate mirror with the super contemporary sink.

Oh, and here's the original medicine cabinet that everyone wanted me to rip out but I think it's adorable! Not to mention functional!! I get very attached to original pieces of the house and can't bare to rip them out. I would like to strip the hardware though.

I need to paint the inside of the cabinet and I'll probably do something really fun & wacky on the back wall of the cabinet - it's too tempting not to!

And here's the shower - not the best pic but you get the idea. 

And there ya have it!! The new bathroom! A wide angle lens would of helped a bit but I think you get the idea. Oh, and we have a toilet too... just didn't feel the need to take a picture of the toilet. Although I do love the handicap height! Perfect for us tall people! :)

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Melissa Crochet @ The Insane Domain said...

It looks amazing!!!! I am so happy for you and wanted to let you know I will be there for Endymion and staying at a friends on St. Charles. Would love to meet you.

Chateau À Gogo said...

Looks great! I love the mirror and I think the sconces are cool. I'm going to be with Melissa so I hope we can meet up! - Brandy

Boo Hazard said...

@melissa & @brandy - i can't believe yall will both be here for mardi gras! Let's meet up! We're going to Endymion :) -Boo

Elizabeth said...

Looking great, Betsey! Not as great as the pic I showed you yesterday...heehee
xoxo -e (modern24seven)

Melissa Crochet @ The Insane Domain said...

OMG! I can't believe you will be at Endymion also! My cell is 615-720-8710. Text me when you get in the dome so we can meet. I also want you to come to my friends party Sunday night.

Camille Edington said...

What I like about your bathroom is your vintage mirror above the contemporary designed sink. Totally love the idea of mixing classic and modern interior design. You did an amazing makeover here! Kudos! #Camille Edington

Lida Swisher said...
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Lida Swisher said...

The mixed touch of rustic and modern look of this bathroom is awe-inspiring. It’s an incredibly smart design concept! I never thought it could turn this beautiful! Well done!
@ Waddle Exteriors

William Gulliver said...

The custom sink was definitely worth every penny you invested in it since you’ll be using that sink everyday. Plus, it added more storage area. It’s one of the beautiful additions you have in your bathroom. I’m certain other bathroom renovators would love to try this idea. It saves up space in a small bathroom. @ Up and Above Contractors