Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Latest Shaun Smith Home Work Project Reveal!

I have been in such nonblogging (is that a word!?) mood lately! Sorry for my lack in posting.... we rented our whole house for Superbowl then there was 3 weeks of Mardi Gras madness, etc. etc. BUT I want to share with y'all the latest fun project from work!!

I'm not sure who out there reads this wee little blog but I work for the nicest & most talented designer ever - Mr. Shaun Smith!! (and no i'm not just ass kissing here! ha!) I manage the design store, Shaun Smith Home, work on interior design projects with him and we also have a house flipping side to the biz. I hate to use the word "flip" because I think Shaun does such a tasteful and unique job on these homes. There is nothing contractor grade about anything we do!

So, Shaun will fully renovate a gutted home even down to the furnishings, then sell it. I'm sharing with you the latest house he completed.  It went under contract the day it went on the market! (YAY!)

So here ya go:

Don't let the cottage look fool you - this house is over 3,300 square feet! Notice the "X" on the door, he carried that pattern throughout with the custom millwork, fencing, etc. on the home. He even did the landscaping.

I'm obsessed with that cobra snake! How awesome is this house!? Boys got some taste!

And there ya have it!! Doesn't he have great taste!? Oh, here's what the cutie pie looks like :)

OK, OK, that's enough bragging about bossman! Now I gotta get back to work... 

Let me know what you think of the house! I'd love to hear.


Melissa Crochet @ The Insane Domain said...

Perfection! My favorite room is the one with the fireplace and tv. The mix of art work is killer!

Elizabeth said...

I am obsessed with the kitchen and floors. I love how clean and bright everything is in all white. Love it, you guys!
xoxo -e (modern24seven)