Friday, March 8, 2013

We Painted Our Floors WHITE! Yeah... we are cray cray...

When we had to renovate our living/dining room we of course ran out of money and decided to just paint the subfloor. Click HERE to see the before!

Here's a shot from 2011 to see the floor color - I was trying to go for a deep charcoal color but apparently I was color blind that day in selecting a color because I wound up with a deep navy!

The navy floor color never bothered me but The Hubs and I always wondered how it would be with white floors... and that day came after our annoying bath reno. The contractors trampled through the living room for weeks with their nasty shoes, etc. and there was no saving the floor.

So what the heck.... let's paint the floor a HIGH GLOSS WHITE shall we?! We scrubbed the floors clean, vacuumed the floors about 40 times and then started the process. It took 3 coats and we used an oil based white. The key here is to use oil. It took about 5 days total but was worth the wait! Here's what it looked like drying:

And here's a sneak of it with the furniture in. I have to take some more pictures of the rest of the room but wanted to share this:

 Don't these floors get insanely dirty you may ask?! Well, yes, they do get dirty. But since they are shiny, glossy oil based all I have to do is take a wet rag and wipe them down. And I kinda like to see just how dirty my floors are. Then I know I need to clean them! 

So, for the time being we love these white floors! That's the fun thing with just having a subfloor - we can do anything we want to it and it doesn't matter because it's not permanent. When the back of the house undergoes its massive reno the whole back will have wide plank heart pine floors but that day will come.... never... ;) 


Brandy@Chateau À Gogo said...

Wow! Looks great. Let me know how you like them in 6 months. I've thought about doing this before but not brave enough.

Anonymous said...

I stumbled upon your blog yesterday and couldn't stop until I had read every post. You write with a delightful voice and are an amazing ambassador for New Orleans. Your house is looking more and more polished. My kids are in New Orleans and before reading your blog I would have had a stroke if they had moved to the Bywater. You have made me reconsider my assumptions. Thank you.

William @ Up And Above Contractors, LLC said...

I agree that white floors are beneficial in cleaning. You'll know where the dirt lies and clean it immediately. Well, you did a great job in painting your floor, Boo! Who would've known that a DIY-er worked on it? Looks like a pro set his hands on that painting job. :)