Thursday, July 28, 2011

Our Living Room... Before/After

I think I'll share yet another before/after today with ya! This is the BIG one - the new living room that caused termite ridden stress for us for 6 months... but now it's finished and we're all moved in!


Yeah, we had to rip out everything because of termites!!

Almost there...

And After:

It's not finished but it's getting there! The ceilings are so high I need really substantial pieces on some of the walls still... but you see that tall door to the right of the room? That leads up to our unfinished upstairs. So, eventually we will take out that whole wall and have a beautiful exposed staircase leading down. I think it will really open up the space.

(Ugh, dark picture! But not near photo shop - sorry!)

Have I mentioned the floors in here are just painted plywood sub floors? We did not have the money for real wood floors and sorry guys but wood laminate just makes me cringe! And they are holding up great! Plus I can touch them up with paint if they ever get scuffed! (Or repaint them if I get sick of the color.)

Our latest furniture addition is the knock off Eames Lounger - The Hubs found it at a thrift store and scooped it up a couple of weeks ago! At first I wasn't crazy about it - I thought it looked like E.T.! But after living with it I can see why it's such a design classic. It's actually very comfortable and does not take up much space and I love that it swivels!

Lucky me, my mom has let me borrow her zebra hide until I find the perfect one! The coffee tables are from an antique store here in New Orleans - Greg's Antique's on Decatur.

Here's a shot of the "office" area. The huge pineapple is a painting I did years ago... I'm tempted to paint a Rothko inspired painting over it... The crazy orange/hot pink painting to the left is from a thrift store. I'll do a whole post on that guy - I love it!

So, there ya have it! The stress causing, cash draining, 23' x 12' room we can finally call our Living Room!



Omarpal said...

Love the pineapple.

Cornflower Blue said...

I'm with you, laminate floors make me cringe too!!!

Elizabeth said...

wow - I knew you did a reno, but I had no idea you did a RENO!! that is a huge change - so amazing! You have some really beautiful pieces!
-e (

Erika [small shop] said...

You had me at Eames lounge chair. And your etagere is fabulous! Great remodel!!!

Ginger said...

Looks great Bets! Love your coffee tables and the pineapple!

Tracy said...

Did your hubby find the Eames chair @ Bridge House on Airline? I saw one there just like it for $250. I bought a black one exactly like it at Red, White, and Blue on Lapalco for $9.95. They wanted $12.95, but I talked them down.:)

Boo Hazard said...

WOW Tracy!! That's a GREAT deal!! Yes, that's where he got the chair!! Although he talked them down to $75 which i think is great but $10 is unbelievable!! - BOO

Katherine Velie said...

Love it! I also covet the parson's desk in the corner....have been wanting one forever!