Friday, July 8, 2011

White Knights...

Do I need a knight of armor?? NOPE. But I've been looking at this stud on Craigslist for over a week now trying to get my mom to buy it! (I currently have no place for a life size knight - but she does!)

I know it might be a sin but I would spray paint him all white and put him in a foyer.... I think it would look fabulous!! I don't have an extra $350 laying around to buy a knight... darn I wish I did!!

Here - I dug up two pictures of different foyers that a white knight would look smashing in...

Get rid of this dumb little table and put a big ole white knight there instead!

This big tall vase is OK... just a little safe and boring... white knight = POW!

Do you think I'm delusional or do you see my vision??? To my mother in particular - buy this knight and I'll buy it from you in a couple years!!


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Elizabeth said...

I think you are delusional and will hate it in a few years.... hahaha
-e (