Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cool DIY For A Bed...

Saw this cleva idea while at Anthropologie last week... Looks like a pretty easy DIY that packs a lot of punch!

Just get some ribbon and tie from a headboard to a makeshift bracket nailed into the ceiling.

I love this idea because the possibilities are endless...

Some things I would do:
 - use all white ribbons and some ropey twine mixed in for different texture and have a shabby chic look going on...
- get bright and crazy and make it look like a circus tent for over a crib in a nursery... or a child's room
- the French Bohemian girl in me would really like to use a corona on the ceiling to really boho glam it up with the above mentioned white and twine goin on!

Of course I have to find a $2,800 antique corona to make this cheap and easy DIY into some ridiculousness!

- BOO 

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kellydavisbernard said...

Ohh I wish you could have seen the Anthro store in Carmel-they all are great but this one really had some cool crazy stuff going on in design-i'll have to show the pics to ya! Love your style gurrl