Saturday, July 30, 2011

Cool Flooring Idea...

OOooohhhh wouldn't this be fun to do?!




Anonymous said...

that does look cool! i can't imagine being the one who has to paint all those wood chunks!

Boo Hazard said...

I know Amy!! It would be so hard to figure out a pattern too! but pretty to look at :) - boo

April Robinson said...

That would be amazing but it would take forever and I just know I'd get mixed up and get the pattern wrong. I do that with just plain squares so .. I think I just continue to get my flooring the old fashioned way - at the store.

It would be cool though. Maybe someday - in the garage or something.

Katherine Velie said...

Hey there..
I met you the other day in Shaun Smith Home! Love your blog! I put a link to it on mine...I finally got it going! Still having trouble with the background, but more posts and I redid the first one. Let me know what ya think!

I am dying for this's is incredible! I cannot imagine the patience that some really dedicated person must have to get it done, good lord!

Anonymous said...

dose it run when cleaning