Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Our $650 Kitchen!.... Before/After

We just installed the kitchen for the rental side of our house. This was fun for me because it's my first kitchen design. It's no fancy $30,000 remodel mind you! I was able to design the whole thing for about $650 - including appliances!! 

The room was at one point a kitchen then it was converted to a bedroom and now we're making it a kitchen again... whew! It's a small room - maybe 9' x 11' so every inch counted. Below is a collage of the major elements I planned on going into the kitchen...

Since the space is so small I wanted to try and keep it open and airy. I felt that traditional cabinets would be too much in this tiny room. 

Going with my love of the industrial look, I decided on two stainless tables that will act as the counters.

 In the picture below you hopefully can make out what I am talking about (look to the bottom right corner of the "soon to be kitchen")

The fridge was free - we just moved our old fridge into the room.

The gas stove is from Craigslist.

The sink is actually one of those deep laundry sinks! It sounds weird but I think it looks fine - it's free standing too which definitely helps because we're not doing any built ins. And let's face it - this is for a rental so I am not investing too much into it - especially because we plan on converting it back to a single family home in about 3 - 5 years.

My mom says it looks like a Barbie sink!

We also put in a stainless upper shelf from Ikea. We plan on installing a second one but they were sold out of the small version. 

The paint color is Benjamin Moore Aviary Blue. (I happened to have an extra gallon)

So, ya ready for some before and afters!? I love this part!!



I love the way it came out! We are still waiting on a couple of organizational items for the shelving from Ikea but I couldn't wait!

Cost breakdown:

Stainless Shelves (2) -    $350
Laundry (Barbie) Sink - $130
Ikea Shelf -                      $35
Gas Stove -                      $100
Fridge (free) -                   $0
Rug (Target)-                    $20
                                     = $635!

Disclaimer: The labor was FREE!! Gotta love a dad that's been an electrician, plumber, contractor, and now electrical engineer :) Thanks Dad!! :) 

So for less than a month's rent we were able to put in a whole kitchen - best part is that the counters and sink we will more than likely reuse once we take out the rental!

Hope you liked it!



Mikey Mitch said...

Love It!

margarita rivera said...

i love it! where did you find the stainless shelves?

Elizabeth said...

Boo that is insane! So great! Hope you rent it for big bucks. They filmed 3 movies on my block when I lived in the warehouse district last year. It was fun at first - then very annoying with the parking and such... ugh! Hope they pay you to use your house, though!
-e (modern24seven.blogspot.com)

kellydavisbernard said...

You are awesome! Love it!