Thursday, July 14, 2011

Second Saturday July...

The second Saturday of the month is the St. Claude Arts Districts promotion of all the new exhibits at the galleries along St. Claude Ave. (the main Avenue to enter our hood).

Here's a summary for ya - "The St. Claude Arts District is in the forefront of contemporary art in New Orleans. This area really shined during Prospect 1 and challenged anyone who thought New Orleans might lack a contemporary art scene. This area is off the beaten path and will guarantee an intellectual evening of gallery perusing. Every Second Saturday come visit the St. Claude Arts District for innovative and cutting edge art works" -

This past weekend we only had time to pop over to three galleries and they did not disappoint! (forgive me but I did not get any of the artists names!) The first gallery had an artist that cast cement molds of random objects.

I really loved everything he made. I can't even imagine how heavy they all must be!

The TV below must of been a 48" flat screen. How did they mount that sucker?!

Of course my absolute favorite piece - and the designer in me loved this series of hand guns!! I would LOVE to use these in a clients home. A young, hip, modern bachelor type... or heck anyone that would let me get away with mounting 35 cement guns on their wall!

At the next gallery we saw this 7 foot tall crazy I don't know what monster thing...

There was so much detail - it was fun to look at so much going on with it. In the photo below you can make out the eye - it was a video of a blinking eye!

This little bird was just fun.

The last gallery we went to I unfortunately did not get any pictures of but it was SO COOL!! The artists made a black maze and there were little openings randomly throughout with gourmet finger foods! The idea was that the food was art and they were all beautifully made and even more delicious to eat! There were also specialty cocktails which might explain why I didn't get any photos... ;)

I definitely recommend a night out along the St. Claude Arts District on the next Second Saturday!! It runs from 6pm - 10 pm.


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