Friday, July 29, 2011

Console Table Love...

We have this gorgeous and HUGE Asian style console table here at the shop that I am really in love with! (That is the unfortunate thing of working at a place with beautiful furniture and accessories - I want it all!)

Here's a picture of this beaut:

I think it could look great as our TV stand. Plus, it's so long - 8 feet! that the other half could be a side table, bar, place a great lamp on it, stack some books... endless possibilities!

 Here's a silly mock up of the table in the room:

I am not ready to commit to anything really yet for that space but a girl can dream right?!



Elizabeth said...

That is a great piece - I forget was it taller than dining table height? If it is 30" high it could be a double desk as well!
-e (

Omarpal said...

8 feet long? Do you really want that to become the focus point of your living space? Specially with the TV on it. I do like that sunflower mirror though. ;-)

Boo Hazard said...

I love it - Omar the designer! ha! I would actually use it for the TV for a couple of years and then it would more than likely become a buffet table for our dining room (that room will eventaully be a dining room) Oh and yeah, E, it would be a great desk too! you could have it in an office - heck 2 computers could fit on that bad boy! - BOO