Saturday, October 29, 2011

Art I'm Diggin'... from the CAC!

I mentioned before that Prospect 2 just kicked off here in New Orleans, with many galleries participating. One of which is the Contemporary Art Center. The Hubs and I were lucky enough to get invited to an educator's party (Hubs teaches art at a local college) so we got a tour of the museum...

I wanted to show y'all some of my favorite exhibits and I hate to say it, I didn't get ANY of the artists names!!! SORRY!

This first exhibit is pretty much completely made from fabric, and looks like she painted some on the fabric to give more depth.

The detail on each piece was unbelievable - this exhibit must of taken FOREVER to make!

She sewed synthetic hair onto the heads...

The artist below painted these in the early 50's...

I loved the colors in this one.

These knights were super cool - they are pencil drawings and are over 10 feet tall! The artist was interested in armor and the idea of how it was used as protection and also the fact that this "protection" is now obsolete.

The detail was amazing - and he just used pencil!!

The exhibit below was my favorite at the CAC. It was simple but I loved the concept.

The piece below is the hood of a fire bird that the artist sprayed and put his version of the famous eagle found on dollar bills. It's called "American Muscle" and I LOVE the title! It looks so Republican to me ;) - We shoot guns, have the fear of God and like to shop dangit! (notice the bar code on his chest) Anyway, I think this was my favorite of all.

(Side note: The Hubs thinks he was influenced by Richard Prince who did a whole series of car hoods)

He also took rubbings from symbols on light posts on Rampart Street (right along the French Quarter) and scanned them and blew them up - so simple yet very cool!

It's kinda crazy these plaques are up - I am dying to go look at them myself now! "Domination"?! I can't believe they say that!

He also stitched this flag made from T-Shirts that at-risk and homeless youth had on when they entered a shelter. I'm thinking the idea is America is this powerful and extremely wealthy nation and yet we still have so many issues...

This car was actually some one's home right after Katrina and he sprayed it all one color and built a "stoop" as if it were a real home. To me, this is raising the question of being failed by government, feeling helpless, and what is truly a home? Simple, yet powerful. (at least to me!)

And there ya have it! Hope you enjoyed the art post!  

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