Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sconce Lovin'!...

Today at work I've been searching through probably THOUSANDS of different wall sconces for a job we are doing... just wanted to share some fun ones that caught my eye!

Found HERE.

Found HERE.

Now I know this one below is nothing new, but I LOVE it!

Found HERE.

One of the rooms is getting Greek Key wallpaper, I love the lines in this one against the pattern of Greek Key...

Found HERE.

This is one of my favorite pendants... I know this one has been featured a lot but let's face it, I'm in New Orleans - where it takes 10 years for any trend to hit this city! So this would be oh so unique and different! ;)

via Thomas O'Brien

These next two are totally out there and I'm wondering what Bossman will say about them but I think they're cool!

This first one is made from driftwood, I wish there were two of them but just the one is very interesting... Love the colors of the wood.

Bossman also mentioned he pictured some sort of antler sconce for one of the rooms - came across this guy:

Which I think could definitely go too "cabin chic" (not the look we're going for!) but I think done with the right furniture and accessories it could really look cool - I'd change out that bulb to an Edison bulb though.

So there ya have it! Boo's favorite sconces of the day!!

How about y'all out there, any favorite lighting resources when on a (somewhat) budget!?

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Elizabeth said...

Love those - my fave is the antler - would paint them matte white...
-e (modern24seven.blogspot.com)