Friday, November 4, 2011

Definite DIY Happenin' for Neglected Fireplace!...

Our poor...poor...poor fireplace is in definite need of some lovin'! I mean LOOK AT THIS!!

I'm not really sure what is going on here... it is 150 years old though so I will cut it some slack.

Although I'm in one of my crazy DIY moods though where any day I will just grab my favorite tool, the crowbar and have at this already disintegrating slate hearth!

And call me crazy but I don't think it would be that difficult to tile this guy - although according to This Old House the level of difficulty is listed as "hard". Either I'm delusional or their definition of hard and mine are completely different!

The main reason I think I could pull this off is because I will be selecting a very small tile... maybe a penny tile or a tiny subway tile... which means NO cutting of tile! (that whole wet tile cutter thing scares me!) and I would just finish off the ends with shoe molding?? Not sure yet. Have to consult contractor brother on the specifics.

Here's what I'm eyeing:

Possibly this fabulous mother of pearl penny tile for the brick surround...

And for some contrast maybe this marble pattern for the hearth?

Not sure yet... I need to price out how much this "little" project would be before I get too excited! BUT for your viewing pleasure - here are my inspiration photos!!

This pattern below is oh so lovely!

Anyone tried doing something like this before?! I'm excited to try this one!


Elizabeth said...

Love all of those - or if you are not going to use it - mirror!
-e (modern24/seven)

Anonymous said...

how are you going to pick! they are all stunning! Can't wait to see the after pics!

Katherine Velie said...

oh god...i love the first inspiration fireplace. gorgeous!