Thursday, November 10, 2011

Latest State of Mr. Etagere & NEW Painting Up!...

Here's the current state of my lovely Mr. Etagere... I'm mainly sharing this with you to show ya where I put my newest painting!!

My Aunt, who's a very talented artist made us this abstract painting below... of course, you know I love the colors!

I love this painting because if you look closely you can see an abstract house, a chair, flowers and I can even make out a sofa!

You can view more of her work HERE.

I also added this little elephant guy to the mix... I love him! I like how he's acting as a book stand.

Above him I have one of my latest art projects... for some reason I didn't take any pictures of making it but it was super easy and fun. I took an elephant ear leaf (which are found EVERYWHERE here in NOLA) and covered it in plaster, waited a day, then removed leaf and voila! Sculptural, organic art dawlin'!

And there ya have it! I'm excited to be in an artistic "zone" at the moment... my ass just won 10 naked barbies off Ebay... get ready for some wild & crazy art projects babies!!

1 comment:

Elizabeth said...

love the elephant, love your plaster are hilarious - can't wait to see what you do with the barbies...
-e (modern24/7)