Tuesday, November 29, 2011

New Lighting Is Up!!

Remember my $5 light fixture score from Habitat?? Well.... it's up!! My lovely brother happened to be over this weekend and he oh so nicely offered to change out the light. :)

I love watching him do things like that - it demystifies how complicated I think lighting or construction is - he removed the old light and installed the new one in literally 5 minutes! An electrician would of cost at least $50!!

Anyhoot - here's what the hallway looks like now:

It is a little off center from when we built the wall on right side of the hall but I'm not complaining! And I don't have the globe light bulbs I want for it yet but I wanted to share what it looks like up.

And I love the contrast of the French starburst with the mid-century modern light...

I would of preferred the fixture in my kitchen but we need a light with a fan in there to help circulate air during the hot New Orleans summers!

Oh, and below is a picture I dug up of the light that was there! When our sheet rock was sprayed the contractor covered the light to protect it and we would up keeping the plastic wrap around it because we hated it so much! Ha!

And there ya have it! Slooooowly, yet surely, things are getting done around this ole' beaut!  ;)

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