Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Even MORE New Paintings Are Up!....

A friend of mine, Elizabeth, recently painted these Natasha Law inspired pop art paintings. She felt they were too bright for her place and was giving them away - so of course I said I would take them!

I put all six up in my living room on that annoyingly long wall that I could not figure out how I wanted to place art work or furniture. I like the symmetry and height these add to the room - these paintings are 22 x 30 so they add a lot of drama! Plus my ceilings are so high - 12' - I can get away with such large paintings!

As a reminder here's the evolution of the living room...

March, 2011:

November, 2011:

I need to get a shot of the room now at the same angle but you get the idea of where these guys are - right where the pineapple and 2 other paintings are and I centered the bench under the paintings.

I question if they may be too bright for me too - I never see myself as a "red" person but I actually really like them. I love how they are huge and there are six of them! Plus let's face it, I'm constantly rearranging  my house!

They are just taped up there temporarily now but if I commit to them, I'd buy the largest Ikea Ribba frame for them. They would look somewhat like this:

Here's a closeup of all my ladies... I'd love for you all to guess what the upper right one is doing!! ;)

SO, what do y'all think?? I think they add something fun and modern to the room.... thoughts??


EJaynes said...

Ohhhh pretty!!! :) LOVE the color! And with the walls white, you can do all the color you want.

Cornflower Blue said...

LOVE Them!!!! You should frame them anyway, even if you don't commit to them in this room, you can always put them somewhere else! I wish I had artist friends that just wanted to give me some of their work!!! :)

Elizabeth said...

I am glad you love them - I am very proud of how they came out. Can't wait to see them framed!
-e (