Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Adding Some Color!...

I think I'm finally commiting to some colors for the house! Other than white and camel that I have everywhere! My good friend Rebecca was over lastnight - she loves color so much she even has a whole blog devoted to it! - anyway - we are thinking about some accents in lavender and chartreuse!!

I know those colors aren't for everyone - especially lavender but it's one of my personal favorites. The trick is going to be in not making it look to "girly". Plus I already have some GORGEOUS chartreuse silk curtains from my momma I can put up on the huge window!

Here are some inspiration pics:

Gwen Driscoll Designs

My curtains are almost identical to the ones above. I do not plan on going this over the top with the lavender though!

via House Beautiful

OOOOOBSESSED with the room below! I luuuuvs these colors together! Although this is aqua and chartreuse - still in love!!

I can't find photo credit for this guy! SORRY!

Any thoughts on the color combo? Love it or hate it? It's OK - you can tell me :) I'll still love it!

Ohhhh and we're going to NYC to visit The Hubs family over Christmas so you know I'll be hitting up the fabric and trim stores!! CAN"T WAIT!

** Small world update - the last image is by St. Louis designer Amie Corley and she coincidentally came into the shop right after I posted this! I of course told her how much I loved the room... but I forgot to ask her what that wall color was!! Dangit!


Elizabeth said...

The last one is a great designer from St. Louis, Amie Corley - who is a friend of mine and is coming by my shop today while she is in town! Can send her down to say hello to you!
-e (modern24seven)

Ginger said...

I like the lavender and chartreause! Can't wait to see what you find on your N.Y. trip.