Friday, December 23, 2011

Some Lady Biz Art...

I went to some gallery openings a couple of weekends ago and wanted to share the Vaginas exhibit by Clifton Webb. Yup. Vaginas. Clever title and smart way to get people into the gallery that's for sure! But the art was actually really cool too!

This piece below was the only one that straight up resembled a Va-Jay-Jay...

The rest below are just sculptural wall pieces that are really cool - I especially love the shadows they cast on the wall.

Not sure if you can tell in these photos but each piece is HUGE! I like the idea of naming a show something racy... that night everyone was talking about going to see the "vaginas"! And I must say, I enjoyed the show!

(Flying to NYC tonight!! WOOHOOOO!)

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Elizabeth said...

Wow - the teeth imagery and red ponytail in some of them freak me out. Have a blast in NY!
-e (modern24seven)