Monday, December 19, 2011

Craigslist Score & Bedroom Ideas...

The Hubs and I have decided to short term rent our rental fully furnished once our current tenant/BFF moves out in April. I will more than likely list it through AirBnB.

I've been scoping out our competition and know once I get through decorating it we'll be able to rent it pretty regularly but also have the option of keeping it unavaliable if family or friends from out of town want to visit! PLUS let's not forget it will be a fun new design project!  :)  AND it will give me an idea of what it's like running a small B&B... (little fantasy of mine!)

Here is a picture of the latest Craigslist score for the bedroom rental - 2 matching bedside lamps... for $10 each!! I  love the shape of them and will more than likely spray them another color - you know I can't leave anything alone... spraypaint is the answer to everything!

They have a cool, retro, Jonathon Adler-esque quality I like about them.

I'll more than likely get 2 MALM 3 drawer chests as the nightstands...

My mom "thinks I could do better" which might be true but I don't want anything too expensive in there - it is a rental afterall and the 3 drawers are very practical for storing clothes, etc. unless of course I come across a great deal on Craigslist  ;)

Anyway, here's some inspiration for the room thanks to good ol' Pinterest!

Love the color of the lamps below...

So what do ya think?? Do you like the lamp/dresser combo? Have any of you out there ever done the short term rental thing? I'd love to hear advice if you have! My parents rent out their condo in Florida and haven't run into any issues.... so I'm hoping we won't either!

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Katherine Velie said...

love the lamps!!! and yes, spraypaint might be the best invention ever...i'm obsessed with it!