Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I'm Totally Copying This...

I fell in LOVE with this image:

Via Absolutely Beautiful Things Blog.

Of course I can totally copy this for my furnished rental!! Usually Marilyn is way too done for my taste but I love the colors and softness of this photograph. The photographer is Bert Stern and there is even a book, titled The Last Sitting.  

I came across some sellers on Ebay...

I thought the one below kinda fit in with New Orleans. She looks a little drunk. ; )

These prints come small though - like 8"x 8"... I'm worried about the quality if I blow it up? They are only $13 so I'd love even a smaller one if I can't go big.

But the big one over a fireplace is just lovely don't you think??

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Elizabeth said...

I love that image so much. If you get a super good quality print you can blow it up bigger but a lot of places won't do it without artist's ok... you have to do it! so gorg!