Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Mardi Gras Kinda Weekend...

This past weekend we had all kinda Mardi Gras related fun... it's really beginning to feel like the season for me now!

We went to a Mardi Gras Ball (Caesar Ball) with some of our best friends last Saturday night... I can't even attempt to explain a Mardi Gras Ball to you... it's totally bizarre to someone not from here. Let's just say you wear gowns & tuxes and roll in your ice chest full of booze into a fancy ballroom. The court is presented. Dancing happens. Drinking happens. Eating happens. Lots of fun happens. Go to one. 

Pics from ball:

The Maids & Queens costume were AMAZING! The detail in these headdresses is really impressive... not to mention expensive!

I love the colors in the one below. They even have neon lights hooked up to the headdress!

Me and The Hubs... yeah... he's wearing a sequined headband I made... I told you it's fun!

The next day we hung out in the hood and finally finished our Mardi Gras decorations...

Which involved spray painting vintage mannequin legs gold.  

Are you even surprised by this point that I would spray them gold!?

Here they are drying in the middle of the street. Our street has been closed because the city has been ripping out old plumbing which in turn makes fun block party without fear of getting smacked by a car ;)

And as we were painting the awesome legs what oh what do we hear?! A marching band, The Gris Gris Strut, practicing for this weekends parade, Krewe De Vieux! 


Aaaaaand back to decorating...

 We used the legs as part of the Mardi Gras decor for the front of the house.... I have yet to get a good "after" pic of the finished decor due to construction men jack hammering in front of the house... so this black and white one will have to do ;)

All in all it was a great weekend to kick off the Mardi Gras Season!

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Melissa Crochet said...

You are killing me with these pics! I miss home this time of year so bad. Your house is adorable and love the gold legs. Please keep posting Mardi Gras pics so I can live through you. Nashville does not even begin to understand this kind of fun.