Friday, January 13, 2012

Boo's Getting' Crafty!....

New Orleanians love to costume. No, it's not just a Mardi Gras thing, it's a year round any excuse to wear something crazy kinda thing. So, in honor of the Saints going to the Super Bowl (you gotta believe!) I've started making some Saints Halos and Tiny Top Hats!! 

Granted, I should've made these at the beginning of the season but it's better late than never right!? Here's what I've been crafting:

Aren't they adorable!? It adds just the right amount of "bling" when tailgating! 

Here they are on my beautiful model:

They are fun to make and they've been selling pretty fast so I'm excited!! I plan on making Mardi Gras ones too. Message me if you'd like one!!

The Saints are in the playoffs and Boo is getting' crafty!! WHO DAT!

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