Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Highlights From NYC!

We just got back from our 10 day trip visiting family and friends in New York City! After living there for 9 years and this being the first time back in the two years since we moved, it felt like I had never left and yet at the same like I was a tourist?!

The pace of New Orleans compared to NYC is like night and day! I think I've acclimated maybe too much to the laid back lifestyle down here?? I used to love the energy in NY, now I'm just over it! (I think being older and out of shape may have something to do with it too!)

Needless to say we had a wonderful time and it was great catching up with family and friends!

Here are some highlights thanks to my camera phone...

FABRIC STORES!! My favorite is Mood (more for fabric for fashion than upholstery but still fun!)

Lady Gaga windows at Barneys...

The whole room above was made of synthetic hair!!

I liked this quote...

Galleries in Chelsea...

I'm really bad and didn't get any of the artists names!! Sorry!

The artist below I'm pretty sure was Japanese and the detail in her work is amazing!! And the graphical elements are almost like a textile designer... I bet she could make some cool fabrics!

See what I mean?! Look at this detail on her hair!! So many designs within designs...

 These paintings were fun... I like the idea of the words becoming an image - in this case a smile.

This "painting" is actually done with embroidery thread!! SO COOL!

And of course we had to EAT while we were there! These are some of our go to spots...

Honey dipped fried chicken at Amy Ruth's in Harlem- hellllsss yeaaahhh!

Grilled corn at Cafe Habana in SOHO... so delicious!

Freeman's Alley in the Lower East Side is one of my favorites for the interior design - every little detail is perfection! You feel like you've stepped back in time... Even the locks to the restrooms are from the late 1800's! (the food is amazing too but I can never stop staring at the decor!) 

Mamoun's Falafel on MacDougal in the West Village is The Hubs' go to spot. It's a TINY little storefront with the yummiest and cheapest gyros, falafels, baklava, etc.

 I love this detail of a church on the Upper West Side...

And inside the church I loved the idea of such a simple tree - the origami birds from large at the bottom to small at top - it almost looks like they are flying away.

I have some other random things to share from the trip but those can be separate posts - let's just say we found an awesomely designed restaurant inside ABC Carpet & Home - theme being under the sea meets art deco!? Strange but AWESOME!

Boo here, signing out with a corny shot of me and The Hubs up in NYC!


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