Friday, January 6, 2012

It's Carnival Time!

Today, being Twelfth Night (after Christmas) marks the beginning of CARNIVAL TIME! While most people around the country have the let down buzz from Christmas and New Years, in New Orleans those holidays just gear us up for carnival season! Plus today officially marks the first day to buy king cakes for the season!

Mardi Gras time in New Orleans is a magical, indescribable six weeks that has nothing to do with class, money, race and everything to do with eating, drinking and being with family and friends. Most out of towners don't realize how family oriented Mardi Gras is. I digress...

Since my blog mainly focuses on art and design, I'll skip my tourism rant and get down to my Mardi Gras costume!! The Hubs and I watched Immortals a while back and I LOVED the costume design. (Horrible acting but stunning visuals and great costume design)

So, I'm thinking about doing an abstract way more elaborate version of Mickey Rourke's character. Here's some images that are getting my creative juices going:

I'm going to paper mache or use plaster of paris to make my mask and form horns on the top as well. I'm definitely going to gold leaf the horns and possibly the whole mask... undecided yet.

And make a capelet similar to below:

And also add in a little Tina Turner from Mad Max in there:

So it's like a "End of the World Meets Greek God" type of thing happening here... it is 2012 after all! Hopefully we can get a group together on this one - it's always better to costume in groups - you get way more attention!

So, the countdown for costume is ON!! I have about 45 days left on the clock to get this bad boy ready! Can't wait to share the process!

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