Friday, January 20, 2012

Current State of Bedroom & Sewed Pillows Yo!!...

Just wanted to share some camera phone snapshots of the current state of our bedroom! I moved in the 2 brass cubes as nightstands and the 2 lamps I got from the hotel liquidation sale. Total cost for lamps and tables comes to a glorious $40!! HOLLA!

(oh and that weird sheet behind the right lamp is actually covering up our broken gas heater! It's HIDEOUS so I got all gangsta and covered that boy with a SHEET! And bed's not really made but whatever you get the idea!!)

Sometimes I like an eclectic mix and match of lamps and nightstands but I'm in a symmetry mood these days. I remember in design school all my rooms had to have some symmetry... it just feels better to me. Plus I think my boss is rubbing off on me. A lot of the bedrooms we do have matching nightstands and lamps.

The two big pillows I sewed a couple of months ago and the pink one I sewed last night. These pictures don't show the finished pink pillow - I wrapped it around the pillow just to see if I liked it the other day and snapped some pics. These pillows may stay here or move over to the furnished rental I'm doing... I'll wait and see!

Above is my creepy "dead people over the fireplace" wall! The painting is from an estate sale and reminds me of floating faces/ghosts... weird but I love it. Above it is a picture of The Hubs' great grandmother we recently inherited. At first I found it really creepy but I think it looks cool over the painting! I like how it showcases the height of the ceilings.

(yeah, those are our clothes on either side of the fireplace - this is not our permanent bedroom and we have NO closets in this old ass house so these is our closets for now!)

Above is the camel hide I laid down in here to protect the inlayed floor until it gets sealed...and I really like it in here!

So there ya have it - Boo's ever changing house! Oh, design question: thoughts on the color of the lamps?? Might spray them white... you know I love me some spray paint! Let me know!


Manju said...

I say go for it with the painting of the lamp. I love, love, love your headboard!

Jan said...

Looks like the lamps are silver- kinda like then----the dead people- the Hubs is his great, great, grandmother. Get rid of her and use the frame!!!