Monday, December 6, 2010

Doors, Walls, Etc.

When we found out that 22 feet of exterior wall had to be removed along the side of the house, (gotta love termites!) we decided to put in a door and a new window and knock down the center wall to create one big room.  When life gives you lemons - make lemonade right! So here's another shot of that room in the process of tearing down that interior center wall and showing you the exposed exterior wall:

So while this nonsense was going on, we were on a desperate hunt for a new door (doors?) and a window! We were debating between french doors or a single door. I knew I wanted an old door - how could Home Depot possibly have a door that would compliment this old bag?!

 So off to the architectural salvage yards we went! There are quite a lot here in New Orleans and lucky us, 3 are within 2 blocks of our house! I highly recommend going, you never know what cool stuff you will find! So, now for the door dilemma:

 Contestant #1:

Contestant #2:

Contestant #3:

And the winner is.....


 Look at all this quirky detail! I fell in love the moment I saw her... and yes I talk this way about inanimate objects. We loved the french doors but were worried about security and some looked a little too casual for a front door. But then we saw this beaut and it was a no brainer. So off to get plugged and stripped she went!

And here she is after being framed and hung  :)

It's starting to come together! Now, if only we had a floor...


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