Tuesday, December 28, 2010

She's Crafty... Sewing Pillows!

We've inherited my wonderful neighbors love seat and I love the shape of it but it is in need of reupholstering. Also, it happens to be almost the same color as our sofa and I don't want our living room to be too matchy matchy. Since the tight budget is always into play, I have to get crafty on this one. Of course I have a stash of fabrics so hopefully I can do this whole job FREE!

 Here's what the sofa looks like now:

I do not have a before shot of the little pillows that came with it but below is me sewing the new covers for the pillows.

I briefly worked in a fabric store so I have some discontinued samples I kept in hopes of making pillows with them. Turns out these little samples were exactly the size I needed for my two pillows!

Close up of fabric. 

There is a slight pattern so I had to make sure to center it before cutting the two sides. 

Sewing the cording was a first for me. I have made pillows before, just not with cording. It's a lot easier than I thought it would be. It takes time getting used to sewing it into the seam of the pillow though.

This is my moms AWESOME new sewing machine!! It's a Brother and it makes sewing so unbelievably easy!! It's all computerized so there isn't even a foot pedal! I think I can sew in almost half the time with this new machine. 

It has a TOUCH SCREEN!! 

OK, sorry for the tangent about awesome sewing machine but here's one of the pillows pretty much done. I just have to hand stitch the last bit to close it. No zippers here. Silk is involved so I am not about to wash that! The cording is this beautiful lime green/goldish silk I stole from my mom. SSsshhhh...

I hope to cover the sofa in this fun Florence Braudhurst fabric one of my friends gave me in NYC. 

Unfortunately I think I am 2 yards short of being able to use it!! Here it is with the little pillows:

The drapes are the same fabric as the cording so you can get a better idea of the color. If I can't use this fabric then I might do a rich navy blue instead. I hope not though because like I said, I hope to do this whole project fo FREE!



Diane said...

I love that blue fabric! If you don't have enough for the sofa, maybe you can use it for a chair or some more pillows.

That sewing machine is TRULY awesome!!!!

Aunt Diyenne

Katie said...

Love it! Make it work!

ADDArtMovement said...

Maybe you can use a different fabric for the cushions so that there is enough for the rest of the couch?

margarita said...

i think i have a major crush on that awesome sewing machine!