Wednesday, December 29, 2010

"X" marks the spot...

As some of you may know, after Hurricane Katrina, FEMA went around New Orleans checking all the houses. They would spray paint an "X" on the homes. Each quadrant of the "X" had a meaning- whether or not the house had been searched, if there were bodies, the date it was searched, and who searched it.
Sorry for the morbid beginning but I promise you this will get design related! 

 So here are some of the X's in our hood...

So some clever person came up with this art installation below to always remember Katrina.

The artist must of traced the original FEMA marking, made a stencil, and then cut it from a steel plate and mounted it back over the original markings. Here are some side views:

 It's very subtle but I think it's a beautiful way to remember such an unforgettable event in our history.


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