Sunday, December 5, 2010


I realized it would be helpful to post the floorplan of the house. Below is what it is currently:
Notice the front 4 square rooms that were the original Creole Cottage . So in the floorplan above you can see where we did our remodel job - the living room/foyer used to be 2 rooms with no exterior door. We will now use that door as our main entrance which allows those 1st two rooms to be bedrooms. 

 The floorplan below shows what we plan to do eventually. We will completely move the kitchen - although there are already water/gas hookups in that area from when the house was a double. So we will completely open up the back of the house and never really use the 2 front doors of the house.
I need to make a floorplan for the upstairs so you can see that too. It will be an office/guest bedroom/craft/art room!


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