Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Green Project...

Since we are on a major budget for these renovations I am trying to save money on anything we can. So, we ran out of my Benjamin Moore's Decorators White and I have this one little bedroom to paint. (It is now an ugly green with dirty blood stained base boards - I wish I was kidding but the previous owners were.... ummm... doesn't the fact that there's blood stains say enough!?) Soooo off to the Green Project we went for recycled paint! 

The Green Project is one of the architectural salvage yards I mentioned before. They have rows and rows of REALLY cheap paint - it's even great for artists who need paint. 

 Like I said, CHEAP!

I got really excited to see they have a slate deck paint - I plan on slapping some of this on our upstairs floor just so it looks like it's something nicer than the yuck plywood floor it currently is! 

I was just looking for a neutral color for the room and luckily I found some!

It's called "Lucky Life" so let's hope the paint rubs some mojo on the house...


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