Friday, December 10, 2010

Paint it Black...

We were blessed with some lovely architectural details in our home. (Why else would you buy a 150 year old house falling apart!?) We have these great pocket doors that actually work so we wanted to do something fun with them. I have a slight obsession with hot pink and my husband is very easy going, so we at first wanted to paint them HOT PINK!! We had a very hard time finding the exact hot pink we wanted though. It's kind of a neon color that we later found out has to be special ordered and it's $60 for a QUART! So that idea got squashed. 

Some hot pink awesomeness:

We decided to go a more classic route. The base of most of my designs is black, white and gold. Don't ask me why, but throughout the years it's always been what I've been drawn to. Even in my wardrobe you will hardly see much color, except accessories. 


 So, HIGH GLOSS BLACK we chose! We were worried the high gloss would bring out all the doors imperfections but quite the opposite happened. I love the texture it's created. 

I love how when they are open you see just the slightest strip of the glossy black. Although from looking at these photos I might have to paint the upper track white too. It sticks out a lot huh?! This is a shot looking into the temporary dining room. Check out my designer imposter Panton chairs!! They were a gift from my grandma and I LOVE them!!



kyo said...

beautimus boo!

Katherine Velie said...

i LOVE it!

Marla Hinds said...

As what most people say, “You can never go wrong with black.” What I love about this color is you can match it with other tones and hues in the house. But it is not bad to do some experimenting. Maybe the pink door will work, given the right design.

Sasha Herrick said...

I’ve already tried painting my bedroom door high gloss black paint before. It ended up nicely! I think what made it look great is the way it blended with the retro color of my interior. Well, the current color of my door is lavender because I want a very relaxing shade this time. ;')

William Gulliver said...

@Sasha! Lavender is the present color of our front door. My daughter was the one who suggested it. At first, I can’t imagine how it would turn out, but I still let her do it. ;) Well, I liked the outcome. It really looks refreshing to me!