Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Before & After... Kitchen

Our kitchen is kinda gross... but coming from tiny apartments my whole adult life we were just happy to have a DISHWASHER and (some) COUNTER SPACE! The previous owners installed the lovely flooring wrong and now it buckles... but I am not about to rip it out and start over with this "temporary" kitchen!

 So here's what it looked like when we were moving in!


The kitchen does not get that much light, so I knew I wanted to paint it white (are you surprised by this point?!) There is not much we did design wise - I just wanted to clean it up a bit and make it more enjoyable to cook in there!

 Below is the lovely plywood wall concealing the renovation going on in the room next door. It is going to be so great when we can finally remove that thing! 

The beginning of trying to paint over forest green! Why oh why did every color in the house have to be so dark?! SUCH A PAIN TO PAINT OVER!!


We inherited a super old and scary gas stove so we replaced that with a Craigslist find!

We installed the shelving next to the stove to house items we use most when cooking.

We really did not do much, just painted it white to lighten the space. It definitely feels cleaner.

Although we still have these awful floors... you can't really see in this picture but trust me, they are BAD!



Anonymous said...

WOW! HUGE improvement with the white walls! Everything is looking great. Hopefully I'll be able to swing through Nola sometime this spring...would love to see the place!

Sara said...

Love the white, good improvement!

Stewzie said...

I think the face painted on the plywood is a nice touch :-)