Friday, January 7, 2011

Some Cultcha Dawlin'...

I went to the Sculpture Garden in City Park last week and took some pictures of some of my favorites...

This one below is totally bizarre...

They look like monkeys morphing into dogs morphing into human hands?!

I love this one, such a great idea...

The letters all connecting into a person, there are so many ways to read into this... (no pun intended!)

The piece below is so fun to look at, it is completely suspended in mid air! I think the "bricks" are made out of styrofoam??

One of my favorites is the "necklace" installation in one of the huge oak trees. I like to think of these as Mardi Gras beads stuck in trees more than necklaces! They are so cool... I think because I have such fond memories of driving down St. Charles Avenue and seeing all the Mardi Gras beads stuck in the trees!

Like these:

Close ups:

Very striking against the moss...
 and now for my FAVORITE!!

 This BAD BOY:

I could stare at it forever. It makes me think of aliens... New York City... earthquakes... all kinda weirdness!  If you have not been, you should definitely go! Oh, and go on a Wednesday when the New Orleans Museum of Art is FREE too!

 - BOO

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