Sunday, January 23, 2011

Little more histry for ya...

 The Bywater is one of the oldest neighborhoods in New Orleans. It runs along the river and sits about a mile away from the French Quarter. Many people from the French Caribbean settled here, especially refugees from the revolution in Haiti. During the century it grew with both free colored Creole, and French, joined by immigrants from Germany and Ireland. The neighborhood is still very culturally rich not to mention eye candy everywhere for architecture buffs!

 Some of my favorites:

The one below is a much larger version of our house!

The house below is one of my all time favorites! I just love it!

I love how you will see huge gorgeous almost mansions next to small cottages or shot-guns. It is such an interesting mix of architecture as well as people. In other parts of New Orleans you will see this usually from block to block - not house to house. 

You definitely feel the Haitian and French Caribbean influence to this day... from the bright colored homes to the laid back island like feel of the neighborhood. The Hubs still jokes (actually he's serious!) that he still feels like he's on vacation - it's been over a year living here! I think it's great he feels that way... I see New Orleans through a different lens thanks to him... and it makes me love the city in a completely different way. 


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