Wednesday, January 12, 2011


OK, I must say... I am SICK of renovating this house!! I can not wait for this to be done!! The first couple of months did not bother me at all but now, now I am done. Maybe because the end feels so near yet far away... and all of my clothes take up a whole room and are completely unorganized.....

 Exhibit A's:

(check out that awesome archway though... right?!)

AND I am sick of the house ALWAYS being dirty!! No matter how much I try to clean, I can sweep up so much dirt day after day...

 Exhibit B: (messy house)

(don't look at that amazing inlaid floor yet though... that will be a whole post unto itself!)

 Exhibit C: (dirt swept up on daily basis)

(again, ignore floor awesomeness!)

 I am sick of the bottoms of my feet turning black from walking on "dirty construction site floor" house...

These times are good to capture because I think we tend to forget how we get to the final goal. I am sure this will all be a faded memory in 6 months but for us, now, it is frustrating. Mainly because we are dealing with a construction loan, city inspections, bank inspections - so what would of been maybe a 2 month project becomes a 6 month project!

 Don't get me wrong, we are having some fun along the way!


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ieatenchiladas said...

Mother of Christ, you need to wash your feet!!! and fold those clothes!!