Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Window Boxes...

Even though the front of our house is not finished, (I need to finish painting the shutters and put them back up)  I wanted to put up our window boxes. The boxes were something we inherited from the previous owners and I have been wanting to put them back up!

We walked over to Harold's Plants off of St. Claude - he is the nicest cutest old man and has a great plant selection! - Gotta support the local businesses! Anyway, I picked out some white snapdragons and black - yes - black pansies!! I have never seen black pansies before. They are called Halloween! They are black with an orange-ish center. How fun?! So of course I went for a black and white theme with the flowers.

I can't wait for the shutters to go back up and little painting touch ups to be done!

Oh, and that awful upstairs window to be repaired!! and check out the hideous power lines!!?!

 - BOO

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margarita said...

love the window boxes!