Thursday, January 27, 2011

Kitchen Ideas.... from The Butcher!

Since I started this week with kitchen design on the brain, I think I'll stick with that theme!

A couple of weeks ago we had lunch at one of my favorite restaurants here in New Orleans, Cochon. The food is fantastic (wood fired oyster roast - YES!) and the design of the restaurant is refreshingly modern and unique. After, we headed next door to Cochon Butcher for fresh local cuts of meat (they have a great andouille sausage!) While we were waiting in line I got great design ideas for our future kitchen!

It is a great mix of industrial and traditional...

Here's what I was lovin':

Awesome idea for shelving! This would look amazing in the right kitchen!

Close up:

I would love to use the old bargeboard that got ripped out during the renovations. The wood is over 3" thick and over 100 years old. It would have to get planed of course but I think it could look amazing. I also plan on designing a dining table from some of it - hopefully we have enough that wasn't termite ridden!

Subway tiles - I like that the tiles go up maybe 3/4 of the wall...

Informality of the chalk board...

I obviously would not have meats hanging in my kitchen (although The Hubs would LOVE that!) but I like the idea of the glass door fridge mounted high. It brings in completely different design ideas with kitchen design.

What if you had a smaller version of one of these mounted above counter space. You could keep all your produce in it and just grab whatever you needed while using the counter below it! I hope that makes sense in writing because my brain totally sees it!

Love these shelves too - great in a pantry!

 I hope you liked the Butcher inspiration!

 - BOO

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paula said...

all my favorite elements, gorgeous.