Friday, January 28, 2011

Kitchen Ideas... Inspiration Files!

When renovating or looking for new ideas to just spruce up a space I definitely recommend keeping "Inspiration Files" on hand. I used to clip any useful ideas out of magazines, make a note why I liked it and organize them accordingly....

That was only a couple of years ago and my how things have changed! The internet has made it so easy to find and file away anything in just a few clicks. So on that note, let's see some kitchen inspiration shall we?!

 (Sorry for not being able to credit these photos, I have had them saved forever and have no idea where I found them now!)

I love how functional such a small space is in the image above. Open shelving for books, pots and pans over stove, subway tiles, and did I mention the WHITE STOVE?! Can I have one of those PLEASE?! I promise I'll clean it everyday! The negative is not enough counter space, I hope they have a kitchen island that we're just not seeing.

This is similar to the previous kitchen but I love how this open shelving is hidden. GREAT idea - extremely functional yet still looks uncluttered since it is tucked away.

Skylights... YES PLEASE... I'll take the exposed wood beams too while we're at it!
Love the white floors - SO not practical in a kitchen but looks darn goooood! Open shelving, black larger than normal subway tiles behind stove, light fixture... all caught my eye.

PAINTED FLOORS!!! Yesssss! I might try something like this in our upstairs huge room... looks great in a kitchen too though.

Loves this! I love how the stove is built in to the wall, all cooking tools are over stove, clock, that very functional island... just about everything!

This is a little on the traditional side for me but I saved it because of the openness to the dining area... we plan on doing something similar and it's nice to try and visualize how it could look.

This is another great idea on how to open the kitchen up. I prefer kitchens that are not completely open. I  love the foot rest for the stools... yeah, look again, I bet you didn't even notice it! Storage bins are a cute idea too...

This reminded me of the bargeboard table I want to make that I mentioned before.

Wall of windows - YES!! Huge glass french doors leading out to my French Quarter style courtyard - HECK YES! What?! I can dream!

This house above is probably one of the closest things to what ours might end up looking like. Where the living room is in this home is where our renovated room would be. (Does that make sense?)

We definitely plan on putting in windows along the whole back of the house where the kitchen will be. It will brighten it up so much! 

Love this island too! Although I think I want a range on the island and a double oven on a wall. I could do without the barn sink. Unless you live in an old barn... these sinks are majorly trendy and will look dated in 10 years. I want stainless counters too. Some find they scratch too easily but that does not bother me.

On that note I'll leave you with this stunning kitchen! Looks like art more than a kitchen! Those chairs are amazing although completely uncomfortable I'm sure...

Have a wonderful weekend!! We'll be painting away! I am now on my 8th room of the house! ENOUGH!!



Ginger said...

Fifth from the bottom with the windows and french doors--I'll take that one please!

keely said...

are you sure those are painted floors and not just tile??
Great kitchen though! Renovations are sooo hard....

{darlene} said...

LOVE all of your choices for inspiration! girl, you have style!